Friday, 26 March 2010

We get it - you don't like God...

Philip Pullman's latest book, The Good Man Jesus & The Scoundrel Christ, is due for publication in the very near future, and I have to say that I am disappointed. I have been nervously looking forward to The Book of Dust, the follow up to the phenomenal His Dark Materials trilogy, but we will have to wait even longer for that one. Instead, it would seem, of writing good, honest fiction, Pullman has decided to make his latest work a self-righteous dig at Christianity.

What is the need for it?

Everyone is aware of Pullman's views on God and he showed this in His Dark Materials. But that was different, it was incorporated into the story and worked perfectly – the fact that it upset the church was just a bonus! The Good Man Jesus & The Scoundrel Christ seems to be designed entirely to shock and outrage Christians and it is petty and pathetic.

If you don't know, the book is a re-telling of the life of Jesus, claiming that Jesus was just a man, not the son of God. Blah blah blah...

I don't know, maybe I will be proved wrong, maybe it will be an excellent book and the fact that it is about Jesus will just be a side point – I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The Good Man Jesus & The Scoundrel Christ is published by Canongate Books Ltd. and is due for release on the 29th March 2010. On a positive note, the book comes in a choice of covers, one black and one white, which look pretty good!

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