Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Art of Tim Burton

I'm a fan of Tim Burton, not a massive fan, but a fair sized fan. I suppose it is his quirky darkness that I like. A collection of illustrations, drawings & paintings by Tim was published this month and it shows off the darkest corners of his vivid imagination, and it looks like a real treat.

The book does have a fair down side though, as the cheaper version of the book is £49.99, whilst the deluxe edition is over the hundred mark! But surely, if you are a big fan of Burton, this is a must buy.

Not sure how much you like Burton? Why not try The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy - a collection of short stories, written & illustrated by Tim Burton and priced at around £5, it's a massive amount cheaper!

--Update 26/02/2010--

I have, just today, found out that Tim Burton started his career as an illustrator for Disney, which I suppose would explain his amazing artistic ability and the reason the book works. You may have already known that. I didn't.

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